The Franco-Chinese milieu of art and journalists have talked a lot about the opening of the TTF flagship store in Paris

June 12, 2018, TTF High Jewellery inaugurated its first flagship store at 9 rue de la Paix in Place Vendôme, Paris. Since its opening, many celebrities from milieus of art, academic and fashion media have come to visit and paid eager attention. The flagship store inspired by the aesthetics of the Song Dynasty, as well as the high jewellery and commercial jewellery displayed ingeniously have drawn great attention and comments.


Eric Lefebvre, President of the Cernuschi Museum, commented: the literati landscape painting and calligraphy art of the Song Dynasty is a great collection of Han, Wei Jin and Sui Tang Dynasties, established a classic paradigm for the Yuan and Ming Dynasties, and provide reference for aesthetics and semiotic poetry that appeared in the 20th century in the West. Because the masterpieces of the Song Dynasty aesthetics are all majestic, elegant, meaningful, ethereal and timeless. The TTF brand is very far-sighted by using the aesthetics of the Song Dynasty as its inspiration!




"The jewellery creations made by TTF are of unparalleled splendor and have a halo of the high Chinese poetic tradition. Thanks to them, the European public has been able to discover the innovations of Chinese contemporary art, "said Pierre Carron, vice-president of the Academy of Fine Arts.



Pierre Carron and Mr.Frank Wu


Wu Weishan, President of the National Museum of Fine Arts of China and internationally renowned sculptor, created a calligraphic painting specifically for the event: "A creation with a celestial character". He has a lot of respect for TTF and appreciated the fact that TTF opened its first flagship store in the Place Vendôme, as the first Chinese high jewellery brand. This allowed the world to access Chinese poetic creations that approach the perfection of nature.



Calligraphic painting created by Mr. Wu Weishan for the opening ceremony of the Parisian flagship store of TTF: “Creation from Heaven”


Yu Lei, editor-in-chief of the Chinese high-end lifestyle magazine "Wang", says: "TTF perfectly combines the aesthetics of the Chinese Song Dynasty with the process of creating high jewellery in France, creating a new aesthetic concept for Chinese high jewellery design ".


Ms. Jiang Yi, Sotheby's auction consultant and former Beijing museum associate, said, "TTF perfectly combines the aesthetics of the Chinese Song Dynasty with the process of creating French high jewelry and has pioneered a new aesthetic for the design of contemporary Chinese high jewellery. Thanks to the inspiration drawn from “THE GOLDEN PHEASANT”,the pictorial works of Emperor Huizong of Song, this brooch is meaningful, winning the unanimous praise of the guests.



The golden age of the Song Dynasty bequeathed to the artistic and traditional Chinese heritage, marvelous poetic, calligraphic and pictorial works that today still are important in Chinese culture and are sources of permanent inspiration for the TTF High Jewellery. Since the opening of the TTF Paris flagship store, it has been unanimously appreciated by Chinese and foreign milieu of art and cultural. Even the French media, which has always been known for its high aesthetic standards, welcomes the arrival of the TTF. They have always believed that TTF is committed to integrating Chinese traditional culture with French high jewellery craftsmanship, which is quite original and perfectly reflects the integration and development of Eastern and Western cultures.



From Beijing to Paris


French "Le Figaro" comments: TTF brings new challenges to the world's luxury jewelry industry with the lofty aesthetics inspired by aesthetics of the Song Dynasty and insurmountable artistic achievements.

Marie Pasquier of "MADAME FIGARO" Comments: TTF flagship store is great! Not only the layout is very refined and elegant, but also the Chinese style melts in the space design. This is really too successful! And I found that TTF made some carat rings in addition to high jewelry, which is very good!


Emilie Zonino of "VOGUE" praises: TTF's small jewellery collection is beautiful! And is very easy to wear! I firmly believe that this series of jewelry will win the favor of many customers and will be a great success! We rediscovered the DNA of TTF.