Chinese high jewellery brand TTF has opened its flagship store in Paris

June 12, 2018, TTF High Jewellery inaugurated its first flagship store in Paris. In the gathering place of French high jewellery--the Place Vendôme, TTF High Jewellery, as the first high jewellery brand from China since the 18th century, has been introduced. At 9 rue de la Paix in Paris, a “legend” of Chinese jewellery that has been carefully crafted for 10 years is now in full bloom.



Ribbon cut at the inauguration of the TTF flagship store in Paris by Mr. Pierre Carron (2nd from left), Mr. Frank Wu (Wu Fenghua) (3rd from left), Ms. Sophie Marceau (3rd from right) and Mr. Eric Lefebvre (2nd from right)


More than 150 personalities representing the art, culture, and high jewellery sectors, honored the ceremony with their presence, accompanied by Sophie Marceau, great friend of the TTF, Eric Lefebvre, President of the Cernuschi Museum, Pierre Carron, vice-president of the Academy of Fine Arts, and Mr. Frank Wu (Wu Fenghua), founder of TTF.


The song dynasty (960-1279 AD) was one of the most charming and tasteful dynasties in culture and art in Chinese history. Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism philosophy, culture and art were endowed with new vitality in this period and achieved vigorous renaissance. The aesthetics and philosophy of the Song Dynasty, recognized by the Western world as China's "Renaissance", is the source of permanent inspiration for TTF High Jewellery and the cornerstone of its culture.

TTF's logo is derived from the “Slender Gold” created by Emperor Huizong of Song, which is powerful, beautiful and elegant. TTF's high jewellery works are inspired by the aesthetics of the Song Dynasty. They are the typical embodiment of the aesthetic characteristics of “connotation, meaningful and elegance”. They are crystal pure, unique and meaningful, showing the character of noble and grace everywhere.



TTF inherits high-end jewelry family flagship store from generation to generation


Located at 9 rue de la Paix in Paris, the TTF flagship store is inspired by the study of Emperor Huizong of Song. The structure and design in the flagship store are exquisite, the abstract artistic geometry and the lines of Baroque style complement each other, and the traditional Chinese well-shaped panes are perfectly integrated with the modern design style, which is simple and elegant. This unique combination of ancient and modern space design reflects the Song Dynasty aesthetic concept of TTF High Jewellery.



TTF inherits high-end jewelry family flagship store from generation to generation


The exhibition on the theme of TTF aesthetic art presented at the opening cocktail, paying tribute to "A Thousand Li of Rivers and Mountains", the pinnacle of pictorial art of the "Song Dynasty", with a huge screen. In front of the "mountains" displayed TTF high jewelry works, such as “The golden pheasant”, “Nymphea pond” and “From Beijing to Paris”, which are all inspired by the pictorial art of the Song Dynasty. From design aesthetics to gemstone selection, from craftsmanship to workmaking, TTF has created a new form of jewelry that fills the gaps in the Jadeite High Jewellery category in the Place Vendôme and stands out in the world of high jewellery.



Live report from TTF aesthetic art exhibition



Crowd at the site of TTF aesthetic art exhibition