Sophie Marceau Honorary presence at the Inauguration Ceremony of TTF Flagship Store in Paris

On June 12, 2018, the TTF High Jewellery inaugurated its first world flagship store in Paris. "French Rose" Sophie Marceau, a friend of the TTF brand’s, was invited to attend the opening ceremony of the boutique as well as the exhibition and the dinner party.


Sophie Marceau has worn emerald jadeite high jewellery sets, such as the necklace "From Beijing to Paris" and the brooch "Golden Pheasant". Her radiant image and her natural charm have made her a wonderful ambassador of the artistic and poetic creations of TTF. She was the highlight of that evening. When she wore the emerald necklace, she was like the extraordinary, pure and delicate magnolia; and when she once again wore the exquisite brooch "Golden Pheasant", she was full of grace and exquisiteness.



Sophie Marceau wearing the necklace "From Beijing to Paris", high jewellery of TTF


Interviewed by the press, Sophie Marceau did not hide her consideration for the way that TTF designed and produced the major pieces she loves. High-quality jadeite of emerald adopted in the TTF design is the color that she loves very much. Being very interested in Chinese culture and the Chinese art, she is honored to be a great friend of the Chinese brand TTF, especially as she is very obsessed with the poetic message conveyed by TTF High Jewellery.



This is the third appearance of Sophie Marceau to support the event of TTF. Thus already in March 2016, she chose to wear the necklace " Yarlung Zangbo " on a beautiful long black dress, during the opening ceremony of the 40th Hong Kong International Film Festival. In February 2017, she once again honored, with her presence, the " Celebration of Spring Festival·Chinoiserie—Launch Ceremony of the Chinese Zodiac Jewelry Design" exhibition of TTF, wearing the “Magnolia Imperial " necklace. Under the exposure and spread of the global media, jadeite thus entered once more into the international perspective thanks to the presence of Sophie Marceau.