This pair of eardrops bears the mark of contemporary art. The unadorned outline shows the perfect simplicity of this unparalleled masterpiece and annotate traditional ideas of felicity, happiness and well-being in an innovative way. Two imperial emerald jadeite cabochons set in the centre and radiate dazzling light which creates a charming halo. The crown-shape platinum settings are adored by emerald-cut diamonds and 2 rubies. Immemorial art existing only in ancient legends is awaken by futurism in our era.


    This pair of 18K white gold diamond eardrops was finished in October 2015, with two antique style imperial emerald jadeite discs weigh 50.719 carats, 2 rubies weigh 0.489 carats, 2 diamonds weigh 0.19 carats, and 84 emerald-cut diamonds with a weight of 7.004 carats.


    TTF jewellery pieces are exclusively sold by TTF, either in her Parisian Flagship Store or on private order via telephone. TTF has not given any authorization for online sale in China. If any unauthorized marketing channel claims to sell TTF products, consumers should be careful in case of counterfeiting.