This design takes advantage of the natural texture of raw gemstones. Two imperial emerald jadeites compose a fledgling swallow reaches for the blue sky with ears of wheat in her beak. This graceful figure is reminiscent of Marc Chagall’ painting. Traditional Chinese art paradigms of flowers and birds combined with western pure linguistic phenomenons of abstract expression, featuring an incomparable aesthetic characteristic. The inherent gloss of imperial emerald jadeite and the glare of yellow diamonds and white diamonds which symbolize ears of wheat shine upon each other, creating an exciting contrast which unfolds the tension of beauty and elegance.


    This 18K yellow gold and white gold necklace was finished in February 2016, with 2 carving imperial emerald jadeites weigh 76.823 carats, 79 fancy-shape and colored diamonds weigh 6.533 carats, and 68 white diamonds with a weight of 1.573 carats.


    TTF jewellery pieces are exclusively sold by TTF, either in her Parisian Flagship Store or on private order via telephone. TTF has not given any authorization for online sale in China. If any unauthorized marketing channel claims to sell TTF products, consumers should be careful in case of counterfeiting.