A precious manifestation of the virtue of divine heavenly water, this unique piece pays tribute to the legendary splendor of the Yarlung Zangbo River. Two threads of diamonds are weaved into three rows that gathering at and swirling around the pendant before rushing on. Focal stone of the pendant is an oversized imperial emerald jadeite cabochon. This unique piece of high jewellery has a very complex yet integral design that pays great attention to details while articulates to its theme and achieve a good balance. This necklace would enhances the charm of an graceful lady. The twinkling diamonds symbolize the glistening water of Yarlung Zangbo River, shining upon the fantasy imperial emerald jadeite. Anyone would fondle it admiringly.


    This 18K white gold diamonds necklace was finished in March 2014, with a rare imperial emerald jadeite shield weigh 124.492 carats and 292 emerald-cut, oval-cut and pear-cut diamonds weigh 57.768 carats.


    TTF jewellery pieces are exclusively sold by TTF, either in her Parisian Flagship Store or on private order via telephone. TTF has not given any authorization for online sale in China. If any unauthorized marketing channel claims to sell TTF products, consumers should be careful in case of counterfeiting.