This avant-garde work is made of titanium,the hardest metal of all. The designer is inspired by Japanese paintings. Good fusion of soft and hard create this wonderful masterpiece. The artist takes advantage of titanium’s texture and color and transforms the metal into a surging tide. Then, with the help of several gemstones of high expressiveness, the artist tame the violent water rhythm into soft silk. Water dance with the rhythm set by the wind, reflecting blue of titanium, yellow of diamonds and red of rubies. An oversized fine carving imperial emerald jadeite cabochon set in the centre of the pendant which is a reminiscent of a bud about to burst or the Venus emerging from the waves…


    This titanium necklace was made in September 2017, with an oversized imperial emerald jadeite cabochon weighs 125.815 carats, 33 bright red rubies weigh 0.740 carats, 133 yellow diamonds weigh 2.100 carats and 92 white diamonds weigh 1.610 carats.


    TTF jewellery pieces are exclusively sold by TTF, either in her Parisian Flagship Store or on private order via telephone. TTF has not given any authorization for online sale in China. If any unauthorized marketing channel claims to sell TTF products, consumers should be careful in case of counterfeiting.