Pine, bamboo, wintersweet and orchid are the four pillars for Chinese pictorial art. Pine is highly regarded by poets and literary men because of its straight, integrity and sublime. Through the ages, pine has became the source of inspiration for artists. This design adopts a trunk-shape imperial emerald jadeite to represent the hospitality of pine tree. The branches unfold their inviting arms into a crown to welcome distinguished guests in a polite way. Chips of imperial emerald jadeite and platinum rings inlaid with black diamonds reproduce the shelter for guests. Glittering imperial emerald gemstones serve as the clouds and mist curled around the pine. The marquise-cut diamonds symbolize the pine fruits.


    This electroplate black 18K white gold diamond necklace was finished in August 2016, with an engraved imperial emerald jadeite shield totally weigh 49.262 carats, branches of the pine tree are formed by 570 emeralds weigh 11.058 carats, the trunk and pine fruits are formed by 1842 white diamonds and 383 black diamonds weigh 30.421 carats.


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