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    In China, seasoned craftsmen spent more than 100 hours to carve and polish five emerald jadeite leaves. Then, those gems sailed across the vast ocean to combine with branches and flowers which inlaid in France. Finally, this amazing work became a whole. Its name “De Pékin à Paris-from Beijing to Paris" symbolizes the inheritance of craftsmanship from ancient times to now, and also represents the historical integration of eastern and western cultures: there are magnolias blooming on the left, which were plucked from the red wall and yellow tiles of the Forbidden City; and there is a river on the right, which is the Seine River rushing on ceaselessly and sectioning Paris.

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    This necklace was finished in June 2018, with two pedants made of pear-cut diamonds respectively weigh 10.33 carats and 5.06 carats, five green emerald jadeite leaves weigh 22.5 carats, 20 purple jadeite spindles staggered along both sides of the rows of diamonds, the purple jadeite spindles weigh 35 carats, in addition to rubies and sapphires inlaid into petals, 136 rubies weigh 2.09 carats and 494 pink sapphires weigh 11.03 carats, the main body inlaid 621 dazzling diamonds with a weight 16.04 carats.

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The poetic expression freeze-frames a moment in which a magnolia bursts into full bloom: her stems and leaves and branches entwine with each other, as if dancing gracefully in the wind.

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