This ring combines ethoses of the dragon and phoenix in harmony and expounds the value respected by the royal families and nobles to the point. This desirable diamond ring assembles rare high-end emerald jadeites exclusively pursuited by monarchs to supplement the TTF High Jewellery series of aristocratic collection. An oversized oval imperial emerald jadeite cabochon sets in the centre, giving the feeling of supreme dignity. Noble pigeon red rubies cluster round the focal stone and shine upon oval diamonds inlaid around them.


    This 18K white gold diamond ring was finished in January 2018, with an oversized oval imperial emerald jadeite cabochon weighs 19.108 carats, 8 oval diamonds and 196 crystal clear diamonds with a weight of 7.587 carats.


    TTF jewellery pieces are exclusively sold by TTF, either in her Parisian Flagship Store or on private order via telephone. TTF has not given any authorization for online sale in China. If any unauthorized marketing channel claims to sell TTF products, consumers should be careful in case of counterfeiting.